Top Hunting Merino Wool Base Layers for Your Next Adventure

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New hunters always ask, “What gear do I need to go hunting?”  Owning top-of-the-line gear is a luxury we don’t all have. You can certainly hunt without the newest “outfit” or technology. But, great gear makes long hours in the heat or cold way more comfortable. A few years ago, I bought my first First Lite pieces of Merino wool base layers and have relied on them ever since.

Hunting Merino Wool Base Layers Options from First Lite

First Lite uses AeroWool technology in their base layers. This is designed to help reduce perspiration and body odor, as well as with fast-drying technology so you don’t get cold if you get sweaty on the climb to your ambush spot. My favorite pieces are the Kiln Hoodie, the Wick Tank, and the Kiln Long Jane. I have tried many of the other Merino wool options on the market and always return to this company. Before they came out with the Wick Tank last year, the only top I wore hunting was the Kiln Hoodie. I have worn it on hot September days and even in white-out conditions in the snow.

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Why I Love First Lite Merino Wool for Hunting

hunting merino wool base layers

Their claim that it is the do-it-all women’s shirt is true in my experience. I feel the same about the Kiln Long Jane. I wear it on cool September mornings and often do not have to remove my base layer as I hike around through the day.

The most recent, and my newest favorite, is the Wick Tank. I wear this for fishing, hiking, and pheasant hunting, and nearly always under my other layers to keep my core warm.

I love that they added a tank top to their already versatile lineup.

The main reason to include Merino in your repertoire is its inherent qualities. All merino is designed to have some level of anti-bacterial qualities that reduce odor. This is especially important for multiple-day hunts. Merino also dries quickly. There is nothing worse than getting sweaty on the way to your treestand or your spot and then getting cold because your clothes are not dry. Most Merino items are also lightweight and can be worn across seasons. It’s important for me to purchase pieces that I can wear through multiple hunting seasons.

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Sharing is Caring

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