My Struggle with Archery

I remember getting my very first bow, a nice little Mission by Mathews, right-handed setup. For a while, it seemed to do the job and my love for archery began to grow.

But weird things started happening as I shot more. My groups were over the target and as soon as I thought I was consistent I would hit to the opposite of where I was hitting before. Talk about frustration! We tried many different strategies to try to get back on track, but nothing seemed to work. With the way I’d been shooting, I stopped hunting with my bow because I didn’t want to take any risks of wounding an animal. Eventually, I stopped shooting and gifted my bow to my younger sibling.

Shooting with your dominant eye

It’s been a couple of years now since I shot a bow and I hadn’t thought much of trying to get back into archery since I love hunting with my rifle. Lucky for me, I met my now boyfriend who is experienced in archery. When I mentioned my archery experience, he asked what hand I had shot with…my right hand. Then he asked which eye was dominant…my left. He asked why I wasn’t shooting with my left eye. I shrugged and told him that I guess I hadn’t really thought much of it since I had never shot my rifle left-handed and I’d always been consistent.

Turns out, I needed a lesson in shooting with my dominant eye.

I recently picked up a new left-handed setup, and I couldn’t be more excited to start fresh and get back into it! Before a few months ago I was stumped and tried almost every tip and trick online to try to get my grouping back to normal. With the correct setup, I’ve been shooting better and more confidently! Understanding this technique has made all the difference in my bow hunting skill.

Are you experiencing similar issues? Don’t give up and keep moving forward!! Archery is a lot more fun when you’re building confidence!

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    David Parish

    I too am left eye dominant…even though i am right handed. All my rifles are left handed, which makes a huge difference in accuracy for me. I would love to get into archery, but on a teachers retirement I can’t afford the setup of a bow. It looks fun when i watch outdoor shows, challenging for sure. Dominant eye. That’s the key.

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