The Miss Pursuit Top Posts of 2021

Katherine Hill // December 27

It has been another great year for getting outdoors. The outdoors, hunting, and fishing industries continue to see exponential growth, and we'd like to think we played a tiny part in igniting your passion for the outdoors. Whatever your reason, we're grateful you came here, read our stories, and supported Miss Pursuit in our little corner of the internet.

Top Posts of 2021

  1. How to Clean a Skull with Oxiclean // If you’re new to hunting, you may wonder how other hunters are able to display perfectly cleaned skulls among their trophies. It may surprise you to know, you can actually complete this process on your own at home.
  2. Naked & Hunting: What's Really Happening? // Naked and hunting. No, this is not a new reality show. Perhaps you have seen those pictures pop up on Instagram or Facebook, you know…the ones of half-clothed women holding a gun, bow, or fishing pole. Or maybe holding a fish in just the right place.
  3. Our Transition to Life Off the Grid // Planning is not something we have ever done well. Generally, all of our big decisions have been a leap of faith. Selling our home and moving to the hunt camp for a life off the grid was absolutely one of these instances. 
  4. How to DIY a Lucky Rabbit's Foot // As a kid growing up I owned several Lucky Rabbit’s feet attached to key rings or a purse with a ball chain in variations of colors. It didn’t dawn on me until after harvesting my first few rabbits that I hadn’t seen them as fashion statements anymore. 
  5. When Nature Calls: A Guide for How to Pee in the Outdoors // It’s taboo and uncouth to talk about but it’s also extremely necessary. Women don’t have the luxury of easily peeing in the outdoors like men do, so let’s not be embarrassed and embrace it. 
  6. Breastfeeding on the Hunt, Say What? // I was still breastfeeding my daughter when Wisconsin’s archery deer season opened. I felt like I couldn’t go hunting because I was breastfeeding. At the time, my daughter would eat every three hours (or less). At first, I thought this meant that I either had to put a time limit on my hunting trips or that I just didn’t go hunting.
  7. Conserve, Protect, Hunt: Hunting Kudu in South Africa // Three words, all verbs, all have a meaning, all are an action that as a hunter I take to heart every time I’m in the field. All three give the answers to why I hunt.
  8. Hunting Story: A Rocky Start and Why I train for Hunting Season // When you’re the outfitter’s daughter, you get the non-traditional hunt. For me, that included getting to explore a new area with him.  My family owns an outfitting business in Colorado, in an area that ranges in altitude from 7,000-11,000 feet. 
  9. How to Field Judge a Black Bear // Field judging a black bear is no easy task. Even the most experienced of bear hunters have been known to misjudge a bear in their time. Unlike the ungulate species, bear don’t have the significant racks on their head to help identify a mature male.
  10. How to Choose the Right Camo Pattern // Camouflage isn’t required to be a good hunter, but it certainly can better your odds. There are hundreds of styles and brands of camo patterns available and it can be confusing to know what you need!

What a year, indeed. A year for learning, a year for doing. A year for getting out there and trying something new!

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Katherine Hill

Katherine has preferred city life and the concrete jungle to life in the outdoors, but as her family has grown, she has learned the power of nature and is now the one introducing this lifestyle to her little ones. Katherine is just starting this journey into the great outdoors and can't wait to see what adventures await!