Women in Archery: Top Female Archers on Instagram

Carly Brasseux // April 20

Whether you’re a new or advanced archer, this list of the top women in archery is sure to impress.

One-third of active archers are women, and there are four million—yes, 4,000,000 women—involved in archery. That’s a pretty astounding number! Although archeress is used in common dictionaries, we just call them the world's best archers.

Want this list of bada$$ women archers? We have a downloadable list of all our favorite female bowhunters on Instagram and you definitely should follow.

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So, grab your bow and arrow and enjoy our list of the top female archers you should follow on Instagram:

Bianca Jane

Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Bianca is a blogger and owner of Her Humble Hunt Outdoors. She’s an avid hunter, mom of two, nurse, your typical Georgia girl, and 2019 Miss American Hunting Revolution winner.

Emily Schaad


Emily is an Ohio-born and raised bowhunter, photographer, wildlife manager, and influencer.

Sara Stover Gamache

Instagram | Website

A proponent of archery hunting, Sara Stover is an army wife who loves to show off her advanced skills.

Amanda Cooper


Amanda is a competitive archer and archery coach based out of East Texas.

Ashley Rogers


Archer, photographer, and a lover of the outdoors, Ashley offers a page of beautiful photos.

Beka Garris

Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube

Officially part of the hunting world since the age of 10, Beka’s story is one you need to follow! She’s down-to-earth and the girl you’d be best friends with, her adventures always include her kiddo, too.

Stephanie Ray


Stephanie is a Physical Therapist and Michigan outdoorswoman who loves to hunt, fish, exercise, and spend time outdoors.

Leslye Leslie


Leslye is a South Georgia transplant to the Utah mountains passionate about hunting, shooting sports, camping, and trail runs. Read more about Leslye in our feature!

Jaimie Robinson


Jaimie is a mom, scientist, and self-proclaimed archery buff.

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Heather Shepherd


As a mom and wife, Heather advocates for CBD and is in love with anything outdoors.

Angie Kokes


Angie is based out of Central Nebraska, a freelance writer, a passionate outdoorswoman, and a huntress stepping outside industry standards. A spear is similar enough to a bow, right?

Sarah Quattlebaum


Sarah is a personal trainer who lives in the low country of South Carolina and spends as much time as possible in the outdoors through hunting, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

Susie Busta


Susie is based out of Minnesota and is an avid bow hunter, fisherwoman, and new mom.

Lacey Vowell


Lacey is based out of Mississippi, an RN and Nursing Home Administrator, a single mother of two children, lover of all things outdoors, 100% bowhunter, and 3D archery enthusiast.

Rachel McClay


Rachel is a Canadian outdoorsman and athlete. Follow her hunting adventures through Manitoba.

Who is your favorite female archer?

Want this list of bada$$ women archers? We have a downloadable list of all our favorite female bowhunters on Instagram and you definitely should follow.
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