Stephanie Rustad

Stephanie grew up tagging along on rifle hunts with her dad until she was old enough to carry a license herself. Sh never had an interest in shooting a rifle (until now) so she talked her dad into trying archery - something he had never done! Together they learned to shoot and started bowhunting. They've covered many miles and made so many memories over the years.When she went off to college in Montana (go Bobcats!), she took a hiatus from archery, but was able to experience a different side of the outdoors - hiking, fishing and duck hunting. Hunting with a gun was something she had never wanted to do before, but senior year of college she bought her first shotgun. All it takes is an invite from the right person to open the doors to amazing new experiences.Stephanie gets so excited about helping women take their first shot, and seeing the smile that lights up their face when they hit the target and realize they can be successful.My goal is to give you the skills you'll need to feel comfortable and confident when walking onto any archery range.

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