Outdoor Family Advocates You Need to Follow

As our generation of children become more dependent on technology, it’s more important than ever that we raise happy, healthy and nature-loving kids. Women are the Chief Medical Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and VPs of Operations in their homes, and taking the lead in getting children outside – is now taking a higher priority.

Whether making kids camo or taking them outdoors as a single mom, these women are raising the next generation of hunters, anglers, conservationists, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Put those kiddos outside and follow these mamas who are encouraging their kids to get out in Mother Nature.

Carly Brasseux Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube | Podcast

Carly Brasseux lives in Dallas, TX, and is a hunter and enthusiast for all things outdoors. She hunts to conserve land and animal populations and put food on her family’s table. She’s also an advocate for getting women outdoors.

Chelsea Hansler Website | Facebook | Instagram

Chelsea’s talent is amazing to watch through her ‘Gram. She lives a simple, country life by hunting, gathering, and growing her own food.

Heather Shepherd Instagram

As a mom and wife, Heather is an advocate for CBD and in love with anything outdoors.

Jennifer Smith Instagram

Jenn lives on her small hobby farm outside of Fort Worth, TX, and pursues her passion for the outdoors through horseback riding, hunting, fishing, and traveling with her family.

Lindsey Forst Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Lindsey is the wife of a 6th generation Oklahoma rancher and outfitter, raising their two little cowboys (and now hunters) on the ranch.

Bianca Jane Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Bianca is a blogger and owner of Her Humble Hunt Outdoors. She’s an avid hunter, mom of two, nurse, your typical Georgia girl, and 2019 Miss American Hunting Revolution winner.

Sereena Thompson Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Sereena is a digital marketing expert for CarbonTV and Girls With Guns Clothing, owner of Nature’s Paint, and the creator of The Successful Hunters online course.

Tracy Rodriguez Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Tracy manages all things at OUR LIFE IS A TRIP and world schooling her four kids while waiting for her husband to retire so the family can buy a sailboat and sail off into the sunset.

Beka Garris Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Officially part of the hunting world since the age of 10, Beka’s story is one you need to follow! She’s down-to-earth and the girl you’d be best friends with, her adventures always include her kiddo, too.

McKenzie Nield Instagram

McKenzie is from a small town in Wyoming, raising her babies to love the adventure of the hunt.

Ashlee Strange Instagram

Ashlee is based in New Zealand, a keen hunter, mother, and outdoors woman.

Jen Shears Instagram

Jen is based out of Newfoundland, Canada, and a juggler of businesses, family, travel, hunting, poker, chaos, hilarity, and fun.

Ali Juten Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Podcast

An outdoor writer and avid huntress, Ali Juten loves to show you the outdoors through podcasts, TV, and writing.

Jen O’Hara Website | Facebook | Instagram

Founder of female hunting clothing line ‘Girls with Guns Clothing,” Jen is perfect to watch as you scroll.

Susie Busta Instagram

Susie is based out of Minnesota and is an avid bowhunter, fisherwoman and new mom.* Not a woman, but gotta give this man a shout out!

Who is your favorite family to follow along on their adventures?

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    Youth Outdoor Adventure is a family of five sharing there adventures outdoors, hunting, fishing, shooting, and more. Promoting kids getting outdoors and providing the resources to make it easier.

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