Why I Hunt: Animal and Land Conservation

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Why do I hunt? Why do I shoot those poor innocent animals? Why would I kill something? It all comes down to animal and land conservation. There is a science behind how many species can thrive in a certain area. This is called carry capacity and it’s fascinating to learn.

Biologists and wildlife managers know the formula for growing herds and conserving our land and animal species which allows our animals to truly thrive.

But wait. All the animals were fine before man came in and started dictating who can hunt, how much and where right? Yes, and at some point, we didn’t need regulations on car speeds, who can and cannot operate a car, etc. Our population has grown (urbanization) and overhunting is a problem, so hunting has to be regulated and managed.

Do you know what happens when there are too many animals in a certain area? Do you know what happens when there are too many animals and too little resources like water, food, and shelter? The animals start starving… starving to death. It’s not a quick death; it’s a slow, deteriorating death. Anti-hunters ask how you can take the life of an animal. I hear ya, I really do, but if one, two, 10, 50 deer have to die so they rest of the herd can thrive, and I can be the one to give that one, two, 10 or 50 a quick and easy death, I’ll take one for the team.

Animal and Land Conservation

Hunting provides for a natural food source. Why go to Kroger or HEB for meat when I can drop and pick my own meat up from the local meat processor?

And do not even get me started on anyone who eats meat and cannot grasp the concept of hunting. They literally have cows, chicken, fish, turkey slaughtered and murdered (yes, I’ll say murdered and be just as dramatic as “they” are) in disgusting plants. Chickens and cattle are caged up, driven Lord knows how far in extreme temperatures and taken to slaughterhouses. Seriously, you’re okay with THAT, but not be taking a (hopefully) clean shot on a deer? Get over yourself.

Breathe in calm and breathe out peace. You can’t argue with ignorance, but you can be educated and always open to a kind discussion on animal and land conservation.

I hunt to conserve our land. I hunt to conserve our animal populations. I hunt to put food on my family’s table.

Why do you hunt?

And, if you’re looking for more information on conservation, check out my e-book!

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