Kim Bryant

Kim is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She is a hunting, fishing, and traveling enthusiast. Kim has two teenage daughters who love to hunt, travel, and explore the outdoors as much as she does. Kim's dad taught her the love and respect for the great outdoors. She grew up hunting, fishing, camping, and just all around enjoying the outdoors. Her passion is traveling the world and sharing her experiences and what she's learned with others.

first solo duck hunt

My First Solo Duck Hunt

I saw him fall from the sky. I got my hooded Merganser on Christmas Day! What an amazing gift for my first solo duck hunt and a true blessing.

this is why i hunt

This Is Why I Hunt

I get asked so often why I hunt.  This is why I hunt. The hunt is so much more to me than killing an animal. I can honestly say I log in countless hours in the woods, watching animals, and never pull the trigger or release an arrow. The hunt …

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the old metal stand

The Old Metal Stand

The old metal stand is a blessing to me and I hope that somehow those who have come and gone know how special it has been, and those who will sit here after me love it as much as I do.

kim bryant

Story: Expect the Unexpected

Always be prepared for whatever mishaps or unexpected things happen. Always no matter how short your walk to the stand you have, track your steps and drop a pin. You never know when you might need to retrace your steps.

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