Top Posts of 2020: The Year in Review

Katherine Hill // December 30

Another year of hunting, angling, and being outdoors is in the books. If you added “spend more time outside” to your New Year's Resolutions, 2020 was a great year for it. At Miss Pursuit, we've spent the year learning more too, and we're here to celebrate the best of 2020.

top posts of 2020

TOP 10 New Posts of 2020:

  1. How to Restore Antler Sheds by Victoria Tavares
    Miss Pursuit contributors are experts at hunting antler sheds. But what do you do with them once you find them? Victoria shared how to restore a shed and we are all trying this one after hunting season.
  2. How to Train a Young Bird Dog by Aly Rausch
    Dogs are part of the family and when it comes to hunting, essential to the job. Make sure your dog is ready for the task!
  3. 6 Feet Apart: Outdoor Recreation in the Age of Social Distancing by Katie Austin Payne
    One thing is for sure, everyone wanted outside this year. And they came to Miss Pursuit to find the best ways to do that. The most offered advice? Just get outside. Rain or shine.
  4. The Easiest Crockpot Moose Roast by Chelsea Hansler
    Apparently, we all like eating moose around here because this was our top recipe in 2020. Tell us, did you try it??
  5. Berry Foraging for Beginners by Katie Austin Payne
    Another perfect activity to increase your time outside in the offseason! Add this to your list of to-dos for 2021!
  6. Fly Fishing Basics for Beginners by Victoria Tavares
    Part of our passion is to introduce women to the outdoors, and one of the easiest ways to take that first step is through fly fishing! Check this post out if you're ready to wade in!
  7. DIY: Hunting Gear for Kids by Chelsea Hansler
    Kids outgrow clothing crazy fast. And hunting gear gets expensive. Simple solution? DIY it.
  8. Who I Am: A Passion for the Outdoors by Heather Shepherd
    “My time outdoors is my reflection of hard work and peace. Whether I am hunting with friends and family or by myself, I am always grateful for the gift in front of me and the passion that drives me to create a better environment. “
  9. Three Organizations that Help Women get Outdoors by Jaimie Robinson
    We love that our readers want to connect with other women in the outdoors! These are some of our favorite groups that help get women outside.
  10. 9 Mistakes Novice Hunters Make by Victoria Tavares
    If you're new to hunting, we're glad you're here. Make sure to check this article out to make sure you don't make some of the same mistakes we did.

All year we have featured amazing and inspiring female hunters. Here are the stories you loved most!

TOP Female Hunter Features of 2020

  1. Sammi Holland Instagram | Facebook
    “I was raised to love the outdoors, so no matter what I do in the outdoors I fall in love.”
  2. Sarah Honadel Instagram | Facebook
    “I started hunting because my boyfriend hunted. But I hunt now because I truly enjoy it for so many reasons. It’s not about killing animals. It challenges me to try new and different things. It tests my skills and teaches me new ones.”
  3. Jenn Danella Instagram | Facebook
     “Hunting for me provides a sense of accomplishment. I get to put meat on the table through my own means.”
  4. Judith Jager Instagram | Facebook
    “There is something about hunting and fishing that connects you to the earth, unlike any other outdoor activity. It strips us down to where there is nothing left but pure survival instincts and raw elements. It’s my solace and sanctuary.”
  5. Heather Shepherd Instagram | Facebook
    “The lifestyle of hunting for my family was around long before I came into this world. My brother and I were taught at an early age to respect mother nature and all she offers.”

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